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Meet Our Senior Pastor

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Greg Burns

Husband, Father, Pastor, Philosopher, and Pastoral Counselor, Ph.D., Dr. Burns has served as the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Harvest for 28 years and has transformed

the lives of countless families.


His mission within the four walls of the church is to nurture, feed, protect & establish present truth & Apostolic Authority in the Kingdom. He began to accomplish this mission with his groundbreaking book, “Restoring Honor to Leaders and Servants.” An anthem for understanding the divine assignment of Godly leadership and learning how to properly cover and protect them in today’s society.


His tremendous contribution to the Kingdom Harvest Community and the Atlanta Region at large has positioned him as a pillar, ensuring long-term growth and success within the realms of business and ministry.

Recently, Dr. Burns pioneered his own company Kingsmen Courier and in just four years the company has become the preferred logistics partner for top-grossing companies nationwide, including outdoor retail giant

Dick's Sporting Goods


Restoring Honor


To Leaders and Servants

This book gives voice to what Pastors and Leaders are feeling all over the world: being unappreciated and dishonored. Leaders are

Gifts to be cherished by the Body of Christ,

thus restoring honor to God's order.


Connect with dr. burns

2050 Old Alabama Road

Roswell, GA 30076

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